Chaplain Mel CruikshankMel

Religious Affiliation
Baptist (Canadian National Baptist Convention)

Educational History

  • Bachelor of Science (University of Alberta)
  • Master of Divinity (North America Baptist Divinity School)

Joined the U of A
1982-1995, 2009-2010, 2017

Why I am a Chaplain at the U of A
The most significant decisions of my life took place while I was an undergraduate student at the U of A. I am a chaplain here because students will often be making vital decisions about careers, relationships and faith, and I hope to share my own experiences as a way to help students navigate their decision-making process.

Current focus at the U of A
I am a part time chaplain at the U of A and I work closely with a committee of local church leaders to coordinate a number of Baptist ministries we have happening on campus. We also have worship services on campus, fellowships, A Mandarin campus ministry, and opportunities for discipleship. As well, I lead the Baptist Campus Ministries across Canada for the Canadian National Baptist Convention.

Other passions and interests
I love my wife Marybelle. We have three children and four grand-children. Next to my faith in Christ, they are my greatest passion and interest. I also lead mission teams each year to work with our Christian brothers and sisters in Cuba and I have fallen in love with Cuba and it's people. And, I enjoy golfing, hiking the mountains, swimming in the ocean, and reading good books while camping.

Baptist Chaplain Contact

Mel Cruikshank
3-02K Students' Union Building