Chaplain Richard Reimer

Religious Affiliation
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC)

Educational History

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Alberta
  • Diploma in Christian Studies, Regent College, Vancouver
  • Master of Divinity, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon

Joined the U of A

Why I am a Chaplain at the U of A
When I was an undergraduate student at the U of A, campus ministry had a significant impact on my life, leading to my baptism in what is now the SUB Alumni Room — back then it was a multi-purpose room that smelled of beer from socials the night before! Here, in the midst of an academia that measures us by 'points', I encountered a God who values us for who we are, as a matter of grace (i.e., gift), and calls us to loving service through unique gifts that meet the world's need. That gift and calling gave me the strength to ask, "Beyond getting a job, what is my 'vocation' or calling?" And the weekly meal at Jesus' table fortified me for the meandering road ahead. Campus ministry met me at a critical juncture, when faith is challenged to grow along with knowledge. I feel privileged now to accompany you here on campus as a messenger of the grace that has made all the difference to me.

Current focus at the U of A
Secretary of Interfaith Chaplains' Association, duties including coordination of annual Festival of Lessons & Carols, Winspear Centre; Advisor to the Lutheran Student Movement; Chaplain to a Resident Christian Community at Martin Luther House.

Other passions and interests
Camping, novels (e.g, The Orenda), piano composition, and 'Lutheran' Lattes (drop by for one!)

Lutheran Chaplain Contact

Richard Reimer
169E HUB Chaplain's Centre