Wiccan Chaplain Bio

Sam Wagar

Religious Affiliation
Congregationalist Wiccan Assembly of Alberta

Educational History

  • University of the Fraser Valley (BA 2002)
  • Simon Fraser University (MA 2006 – Canadian religious and political history)
  • Third Degree Wiccan High Priest since 1985.

Joined the U of A
September 2014

Why I am a Chaplain at the U of A
This is where the Gods have called me to be. I see the mission and purpose of a Wiccan chaplaincy as having these several parts: (1) to assist Wiccan and other Pagan students, faculty, and staff in being spiritually grounded and connected through offering qualified spiritual guidance, assistance with finding community groups, activities, and resources of various sorts for religious fellowship and growth, (2) to work together with other faith communities to sacralise the university, to draw out the ethical and spiritual parts of the life of study, research, learning and teaching, (3) to educate and inform people of other faiths (or none at all) of the basic beliefs and practices of Wicca (a small minority religious path cannot expect to be well-known or understood without reaching out to explain itself), and (4) to develop our church’s interfaith outreach and expertise, to learn from other faith groups, to develop alliances around issues of common concern.

Current focus at the U of A
I’m brand new here so the next year or so will involve connecting with Pagan students, faculty and staff, connecting with the various resources on campus that those who come to me will benefit from, and building links between activities here and the broader religious community which I am part of. This will include participating to the extent that I am able in the activities of the interfaith chaplains association and encouraging others from the Wiccan and Pagan communities to join in.

Other passions and interests
I love film (art films, not so much blockbusters), make mead and teach workshops on it, and listen to a lot of music (blues, world music, dance, electronica). I am fascinated by ritual and ritual theory, by trance and mystical states and experiences, very interested in history (gender history, post-colonial history). I love to write and am reasonably well-published.